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Transforming the control of hot tubs

• User friendly interface
• Unparalleled system reliability
• Manufacturing Flexibility
• Corrosion and resistant, chemical resistant heater
• Viper System Dimension 13.2" (33.53cm) x
  14.8" (37.59cm) x 3.2" (8.13cm) depth

Panel TP800

• 9 button with LCD display
• Panel Dimension 10" (31.24cm) wide x
  3.5" (13.20cm) tall
• LCD Display 2.75" (6.98cm) wide x
  1.75" (4.44cm) tall

User Interface

• Intuitive menu
• Easy to read color display with graphics
• 5 Background color choices
• Multiple AV operations control your Stereo, TV and DVD
• Smart chip detects any problems in your hot tub
• Multiple languages with easy navigation
• State-of-the-art button technology (press & hold)
• Easy Navigation – Shortcuts
• Real time-clock
• Reminder messages
• Comprehensive diagnostics
• Dedicated button (left side)

The Viper system is built on our M7 technology.
Learn more about M7 click on the icon below.

M7 Application Guidelines

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Spa Control Systems Catalog

Spa Control Systems Catalog (8mb)
Viper Control System Sell Sheet


TP800 Panel And Screen Measurements
TP800_w_dimensions_dm ViperScreenWithMeasurements

Product Descriptions With Material Number
Control Panel
 Domestic Viper BP25P3BC (55963-XX*)
TP800 No Overlay (50204)
TP800 (50261) With Overlay (12512)
 International Viper BP26P33BC 3.0kW Incoloy (55976-XX*)TP800 No Overlay (50204)
TP800 (50261) With Overlay (12512)
 International Viper BP26P3BC 3.0kW Titanium (55977-XX*)
Note: Minimum quantity required, please call Balboa customer service for additional information.

Viper System Specifications
Material No.
Pump 1
Pump 2
Pump 3
Circ Pump
Blower AV (Stereo)
OzoneSpa Lights
55963-XX* 240V 2 Speed
240V 2 Speed 240V 2 Speed 240V 1 Speed 240V 1 Speed 120V
@ 240V
55976-XX* 230V 2 Speed 230V 2 Speed 230V 2 Speed 230V 1 Speed 230V 1 Speed 230V
@ 240V
55977-XX* 230V 2 Speed 230V 2 Speed 230V 2 Speed 230V 1 Speed 230V 1 Speed 230V
@ 240V
* = XX represents the latest system revision. (Ex. XX will be replaced by 01, 02, 03 etc.) When an order is placed the latest system will be pulled.

 Operating Temperature -20˚C (-4˚F) to 60˚C (140˚F)
 Storage Temperature
 -25°C (-13°F) to 85°C (185°F)
 Humidity Humidity: up to 85% RH, non condensing
Weight: Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.5” (39.38cm) x 14.8” (37.59cm) x 6.4” (16.25) (without  tail pieces)
 IPx5 Thermoplastic Heater
 UL Standard/Files

 UL 1563 5th Edition/E90059

Unparalleled system reliability
• High-tech, high-temperature resistant housing material
• Proven use in mission critical applications
  for automotive & other industries
Unparalleled system reliability
• Chemical resistant heater element & sensors
• Low-watt density efficient coiled element
• Patented heater design eliminates “rattle”
• Corrosion resistant, chemical-resistant heater housing
• Titanium element option

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