Plug n' click spa heater

Easy to Remove And Install - PLUG N' CLICK HEATER

Announcing Balboa's NEW Plug N' Click Heater

No need to deal with heater straps, screws, wrenches, or broken
copper straps. All you need to do is plug-and-click and you're done!


Replacing A Plug N' Click Spa Heater BP2000/2100 Series

Replacing A Plug N' Click Spa Heater BP501/601 Series

Replacing Heater Straps with Heater Cables


Plug N' Click Heater - Simple As 1-2-3


Step1. Remove the 2 screws holding 
the heater system cover in place.
Step 2. Locate the heater power 
connector (J46).
Note: Your heater connector my be located in a different
location if you have a different system shown above.
Step 3. Plug N' Click the heater power
back in when you are done.

Available For All BP Systems

 Material No.Product Descriptions
 58300Replacement Heater Assembly 3.0kW 800 Inc BP
 58301Replacement Heater Assembly 3.0kW 825 Inc BP 
 58302Replacement Heater Assembly 3.0kW Titanium BP
 58303Replacement Heater Assembly 4.0kW 800 Inc BP
 58304Replacement Heater Assembly 4.0kW 825 Inc BP
 58305Replacement Heater Assembly 4.0kW Titanium BP
 58306Replacement Heater Assembly 5.5kW 800 Inc BP
 58307Replacement Heater Assembly 5.5kW 825 Inc BP
 58308Replacement Heater Assembly 5.5kW Titanium BP

Available For Non BP Systems

(Includes adapter kit for connection to circuit board) 

Material No.Product DescriptionsReplaces
58279Replacement Heater 3.0kW 800 Inc VS/GS/EL/GL58118
58275Replacement Heater 3.0kW 825 Inc VS/GS/EL/GL58107
58277Replacement Heater 3.0kW Titanium VS/GS/EL/GL55626
58280Replacement Heater 4.0kW 800 Inc EL/GL58104
58276Replacement Heater 4.0kW 825 Inc EL/GL58117
58281Replacement Heater 4.0kW Titanium EL/GL55625
58282Replacement Heater 5.5kW 800 Inc EL/GL 58083
58283Replacement Heater 5.5kW 825 Inc EL/GL 58089
58278Replacement Heater 5.5kW Titanium EL/GL 55624

If you have additional questions please contact Balboa's Technical Support. 714.384.0384

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